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With our 1.100 years of combined experience and 34 sites all over Europe, we are ready to become your local or international partner in labels, flexible packaging, and folding cartons.

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Fixed-aspect-ratio cover + Elements on top

We think before we print

We are more than just a bunch of label printers, we are labelling and packaging experts on a mission towards innovative labelling and smart printing solutions.  

We think before we print because we want to make the printing process as smooth as possible while guaranteeing top-notch quality with the fastest delivery times. We avoid wasting your time, money, energy, and resources. 

Sustainable Solutions

Sustainability isn’t a check box on our agenda, it is part of every facet of our business. From how we produce our products, over how we run our plants, to how we cherish the well-being of our employees, the sustainable approach demands a smarter way of working.

Did you know that for 90% of our product range we can offer a sustainable alternative with a similar functionality to the traditional solution?  


Joining the Asteria Group allows us to enhance our capabilities while upholding the high standards our clients have come to expect

James Costello
Managing Director, Label Tech

Fair and sustainable to success!

Waldemar Braun
Managing Director, Robifa

Every label is an individual solution – that’s what makes our job exciting!

Benedikt Bergenthal
Managing Director, Robifa

My passion for the process from consultation to printing is what drives me every day to get the best out of the label for my customers

Daniel Uhlig
Managing Director, DES

Continuous improvement is the key to success

Heikki Kotala
Managing Director, Nordic Label

It is exciting to work at the forefront of a vibrant industry, alongside our exceptional people supplying the very best of customers

Paul Roscoe
Managing Director, Berkshire Labels

Progress is the result of hard work, effort and love for the printing industry. This is not just the result of an individual. You need a team to count on! Without people you can learn from, are enriched by, and who help and support you, these achievements would not happen.

Manuel Deza
Managing Director, Coreti

Continuous innovation is necessary.

Alexis Dejonghe
Managing Director, Dejonghe

Our passion for labels gives us the energy to provide the service that our customers deserve.

Birgit Dejonghe
Managing Director, Dejonghe

We always go the extra (s)mile.

Triin Anette Kaasik
Managing Director, Data Print

Why 15.000 clientS trust their labels to Asteria


European label specialist


Local plants


Printed labels/year


We service 20 countries

Local, yet international

Whether you are a global corporation or a local European entrepreneur, the location of your label and packaging partner is crucial. Find out about the locations of our different plants in 10 countries. From Estonia to Spain, we are happy to use our international know-how to serve you locally.


From beauty over health care to food and beverages, today, any industry is driven by innovation. While developing new innovative solutions to meet your label and packaging goals, we keep your industry in mind. Find your label or packaging solution by browsing our industries.


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