Enhancing pharmaceutical packaging with peel-and-reseal (2/3/4-ply) label technology

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Resealable labels for the pharmaceutical industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, information, compliance, and patient engagement are non-negotiable. Innovative packaging solutions are taking center stage to accommodate both regulatory entities’ and patients’ needs. Creating the perfect packaging balance between functionality and aesthetics for pharmaceutical products is a real challenge.

Throughout our experience and extensive work supporting the pharmaceutical industry, there is limited discussion about the transformative opportunity that peel and reseal labels (also known as 2/3/4-ply labels) offer. This blog post explores how these labels work, their benefits, and finally how Asteria can be the advising force that enables pharmaceutical companies to enhance their product packaging.


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What are resealable labels or 2/3/4-ply labels?

Let’s first understand what sets reseal labels or 2/3/4-ply peel labels apart. Unlike traditional labels, resealable or 2/3/4-ply peel labels integrate an additional labelling layer, allowing for easy peeling and resealing without losing adhesive strength. This technology provides a versatile canvas for pharmaceutical labels to include extensive information without compromising packaging aesthetics. This also benefits consumers because manufacturers can design convenient packaging, containing a product that can be consumed over time.

Resealable labels maintain your brand visuals while providing extensive information


Why are resealable labels the ultimate solution for the pharmaceutical industry?  

The pharmaceutical sector faces unique challenges, from stringent regulatory requirements to the need for multilingual information and tamper-evident features. Resealable labels emerge as a strategic solution for:

    • Regulatory compliance: peel and reseal labels offer the space needed for comprehensive regulatory details, product instructions, and warnings, ensuring compliance without sacrificing clarity and product usage instructions.
    • Multilingual capabilities: reseal labels allow pharmaceutical companies to seamlessly incorporate multilingual instructions, bridging linguistic gaps and ensuring accessibility on a global scale
    • Untouchable qualityconsumers can easily open and close the labels without impacting the quality of the packaging.
    • Tamper-evident assurance: peel and reseal labels can be designed to provide tamper-evident options, instilling confidence in end-users that their product hasn’t been opened.
    • Space efficiency: the compact nature of pharmaceutical packaging requires efficient use of space. Resealable labels strike the perfect balance between information density and spatial economy.
    • Patient assurance: with peel and reseal labels, patients can rest assured that all of the detailed information they need is on the product packaging. They offer a user-centric design that ensures easy access to usage instructions that are significantly important for pharma products. 
    • Streamlined process: peel and reseal labels can be an advantage where the manufacturer applies the label directly on the product, removing the need to insert a leaflet as well. This streamlines the packaging process and saves precious time in getting the product out to the market. 



Achieve pharmaceutical packaging excellence

Asteria has a successful track record of advising pharmaceutical companies on making the switch to reseal labels. We provide a strategic partnership that goes beyond conventional solutions. Our experts, strategically positioned across Europe, understand the intricacies of pharmaceutical packaging. We aren’t just advisors; we’re architects of packaging excellence.

Picture a future where regulatory compliance seamlessly coexists with multilingual adaptability, where patient convenience is a non-negotiable priority, and where your brand’s trust is fortified through cutting-edge packaging. Asteria stands at the forefront, ready to guide you through this transformative journey.

With 90% of our solutions available in sustainable materials, we’re not just shaping the future; we’re doing it responsibly. Elevate your brand, optimise costs, and embrace sustainability.

Contact us now, and let’s redefine your pharmaceutical packaging strategy.



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