Laminated in-mould labelling with unique coding: customisable and sustainable


Laminated in-mould labelling with unique coding: customisable and sustainable

Picture a label that provides enhanced traceability, authentic brand representation, increased consumer interaction, and above all, is eco-friendly. All this becomes possible through laminated in-mould labelling (IML) with its own unique QR code. IML with unique coding meets the demands of various industries looking for personalised and sustainable packaging solutions.

As we delve into this blog post, we’ll define laminated IML with unique coding, explore the involved printing techniques, and discuss why brands should consider integrating this feature into their packaging strategy.


What is laminated IML and what are its benefits?

Iml with QR

Unlike conventional labels, IML becomes an integral part of the packaging during the manufacturing process. Just as a tattoo seamlessly becomes one with the skin, IML ensures a durable and seamless bond between the label and the package. IML not only enhances recyclability but also promotes the reuse of packaging solutions, contributing significantly to sustainability in the industry. In addition, laminated IML adds a lamination layer of 20 micron polypropylene over the printed label. Polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer that provides additional protection against scratches and weathering, thereby enhancing the durability and longevity of the label.



  1. Built to last: laminated IML packaging boasts superior resistance, preserving brand aesthetics over time.
  2. Customisable: IML allows businesses to unleash their creativity by integrating labels directly into the packaging, creating designs that stand out.
  3. Interactive: the addition of a scannable code opens doors to customer engagement, fostering brand loyalty over time.
  4. Eco-friendly: IML is 100% recyclable as labels are an intrinsic part of the packaging, eliminating the need for label removal.


Explore here all the details and applications of IML.


 How about IML with unique coding?

IML takes on a whole new level of customisation when a unique QR code is incorporated into each label. Yes, you heard it right – each label boasts a distinct code. The potential for brands to elevate the end-user journey is simply remarkable.

Let’s break down the production process into three simple yet impactful steps:

High-resolution printing: utilising the combination of offset and photo printing technique, in-mould labels are seamlessly integrated into the packaging with higher quality. Labels can be either white or transparent. An extra inline digital unit allows to add unique coding onto each label.

  1. Finishing: after printing, the labels go through a final step where they are cut to size and packed. This is done using special machines that cut the labels vertically or by rotating them. These steps are important to make sure the labels are the right shape and size. During the finishing process, glossy or matte finishes can be applied to achieve the desired visual appeal.
  2. Lamination for longevity: to ensure the durability and resilience of IML packaging, a lamination process is employed. The most advanced lamination techniques involve adding a 20 micron polypropylene layer, making the packaging scratch and weather-resistant.


This combo of complex features imposes a special setting that requires investments and precise expertise to offer advanced technology. Because of our commitment to excellence and constant efforts to provide the best-in-class solutions, we are capable of producing both small and large volumes of top-notch in-mould labels, each with a unique QR code.

Reusable IML










Embrace a sustainable future with long-life IML with unique coding

Combining laminated In-Mould Labelling (IML) with unique coding is a game-changer in packaging. It’s an eco-friendly solution that solves traceability concerns, provides an ideal canvas for brands to tell their story, and enables companies to deploy complex and personalised packaging.

Asteria’s investment in laminated IML with unique coding reflects our dedication to technological advancements, commitment to meeting evolving client needs, and unwavering focus on sustainability. From custom coding to visual excellence, we are determined to guide you every step of the way, to customise your needs to create unmatched packaging by ensuring that your labels transcend conventional boundaries.

Contact your local Asteria expert today to get personalised guidance on how to incorporate IML with unique coding in your packaging strategy.

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