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RFID, NFC, VOID, if you are familiar with these terms, you are at the right place: smart labelling is driving the retail labels and fashion industry. We offer standard solutions, but we are also happy to go tailor-made. We also offer a wide range of sustainable alternatives for our top

We think Retail & Fashion before we print

No industry where labels are more expected to be smart than the retail and fashion industry. At Asteria, we have been experimenting with adding smartness to our labels for years and are happy to show you our innovative solutions for retail and fashion.

Smart labels in the fashion industry refer to innovative tags or labels integrated with technology that provide additional information and functionalities beyond the basic garment details. These labels leverage various technologies to offer unique benefits to both consumers and fashion brands. Here are some examples of smart labels in the fashion industry:

  • RFID tags help in tracking inventory, enabling more efficient supply chain management, and preventing counterfeiting.
  • NFC tags allow access to product information, care instructions, or other content.
  • VOID anti-theft labels
  • Sensors, temperature sensitivity, authentications, and so much more

Did you know that Asteria Group is a pioneer when it comes to sustainable solutions? Lowering the ecological footprint and maximising the recyclability of the end products are two of our priorities. Have a look at Asteria Sustainable Solutions to see which  alternatives we offer.

Embellishments for Retail & Fashion

Cold foil
Cold foil

A technique that applies a metallic or decorative foil layer to a substrate without the need for heat. Unlike traditional hot foil stamping, cold foil relies on adhesive and UV curing technology. A layer of UV-curable adhesive is printed onto the substrate. The foil is fed into the printing press and pressed against the adhesive-coated areas. A UV light is used to instantly cure and adhere the foil to the adhesive. The unadhered foil is then removed, leaving behind the foil layer only.

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