A guide to printing and developing folding carton boxes with sustainability at the core

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A guide to printing and developing folding carton boxes with sustainability at the core

In an age where caring for the environment is crucial, companies are reassessing their packaging choices. Sustainability is a must. Cardboard has always been a practical, eco-friendly option, but did you know that recent advancements have made folding carton boxes even more sustainable? This blog post breaks down different folding carton designs, exploring the benefits of choosing sustainable options. 

Luxury folding carton

What are folding carton boxes?

Folding carton boxes are eco-friendly packagings made from paperboard. They fold into various shapes, offering a customisable and cost-effective solution for diverse products. These boxes are not only adaptable but also environmentally friendly. 

Their flat structure makes storage and transportation efficient, reducing environmental impact. The use of folding cartons aligns with the global push for eco-friendly practices, making it a top choice for businesses aiming for both functionality and sustainability.


Available designs:

  1. Straight tuck end: versatile for various products.

Straight Tuck End

2. Reverse tuck end: enhanced security with flaps folding in opposite directions. 

Reverse tuck end

3. Seal end: ideal for products needing extra protection, like cosmetics. 

Seal end

4. Snap lock bottom: quick assembly without glue.

Snap Lock Bottom

5. Auto lock bottom: designed for high-speed production environments. 

Auto lock bottom
6. Sleeves: offering branding, protection, and information.



How about sustainable folding carton boxes?

Sustainable folding carton boxes take sustainability one step further and are amongst one of the most eco-friendly packaging solutions available today. With sustainable folding cartons, every step of the supply chain is assessed and the impact to the environment measured. The result is a final product that truly becomes part of the circular economy.

For those truly valuing the environment, the details matter when choosing sustainable folding carton boxes. Here are some essential questions to consider:

  • Materials: what materials were used, and are they recycled?
  • Recycling percentage: if recycled, what percentage is recycled?
  • Finishings: are they eco-friendly?
  • Certifications: does the folding carton abide by industry certifications?
  • Forest management: what’s the provider’s commitment to forest management?
  • Quality: does the choice of sustainable materials have an impact on end-product quality?


Asteria’s answers:

  • We use wood fibres from forests under responsible management.
  • We can produce both new and recycled folding cartons with up to 100% recycled materials.
  • Our finishings are eco-friendly, often recommending a sustainable Acryl-based solution.
  • Certified with ISO®, FSC®, and Imprim’Vert.
  • We only source wood from responsibly managed forests and are deeply involved in forest regeneration
  • Our sustainable folding carton boxes never compromise quality. We’re able to produce high-end and exclusive packaging with 100% recycled materials.


Did you know?

Cardboard is also derived from tree residue or waste.

  • The bark from trees is used for green energy production. This energy is then employed in the cardboard manufacturing process at our supplier. It’s important to note that our supplier abstains from using fossil fuels; instead, they harness energy from sources such as our own windmills, solar panels, or energy extracted from bark.
  • The tree stems themselves are utilised to the fullest extent for construction wood, including houses, furniture, and other applications.
  • Additionally, shavings from the sawmill, along with any remaining material, are repurposed for cardboard production.


Wood log explained


Get expert guidance on sustainable folding cartons


Asteria is here to guide your brand into a more sustainable future with folding carton boxes. We’re not just crafting packaging solutions; we’re your partners in creating a tomorrow where environmental responsibility is part of your brand’s DNA.

Ready to make the switch to sustainable packaging? Reach out to Asteria today, and let’s work together to build a future where packaging isn’t just about products—it’s about a commitment to our planet and future generations.

Contact Asteria’s strategic teams to help you elevate your sustainable game plan. Sustainable folding cartons are a smart decision to enhance your brand’s perception and create differentiation in your industry.

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