Unwrapping the potential of laminated in-mould labelling for your brand

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Unwrapping the potential of laminated in-mould labelling for your brand

In the heartbeat of Europe’s sustainability revolution, the packaging industry finds itself at a crossroads of innovation and environmental responsibility. Since the EU voted a sweeping directive on Single Use Plastics in November of 2022, businesses are adjusting to comply with the new scenario.

The need to adapt and remain competitive is urgent and has posed a challenge for several businesses to comply with environmental regulations and make their products stand out.

Is your business ready for reuse and/or recycling? Learn how a unique printing technology can allow you to be ahead of environmental regulations and beautifully brand your packaging to stand out. The solution is called in-mould labelling (IML).


What is laminated IML?

laminated iml

Unlike conventional labelling where a label is attached to the packaging, IML integrates labels directly into the packaging mould during the manufacturing process. Just as a tattoo becomes an intrinsic part of the skin, IML ensures a seamless and durable bond between the label and the package.

Laminated in-mould labelling (IML) goes one step further. It does not only improve the overall bonding of layers but also enhances the adhesion of protective film layers within the material. By employing monomaterials, IML is actively contributing to the promotion of sustainability in the packaging industry, not only for recycling but also for reusing the packaging solution.



Why choose for laminated in-mould labelling?

  1. Preserving beauty: 100% protective PP layers ensure your packaging stays stunning. Users can confidently wash their packaging without compromising the intricate design.
  2. Flawless surface: IML guarantees scratch-free packaging, maintaining flawless aesthetics that captivate customers.
  3. Braving the elements: IML goes the extra mile with an additional feature such as UV filtering films, protecting the image and ink quality under the sun making it perfect for outdoor applications.
  4. Built to last: IML stands strong against wear and tear, making sure your brand remains intact.
  5. Defying moisture: no need to fear rain or accidental spills. IML packaging is designed to resist moisture, safeguarding both form and function.
  6. Sustainability in every sip: laminated IML takes sustainability a step further, promoting reuse and seamless recycling purposes. Imagine festival cups becoming more than just a memory. IML allows for unique codes, enabling users to receive deposits upon cup return, promoting sustainability.
  7. Empowering customisation: IML opens the door to endless possibilities. From medical information to refunds and even games, the variable unique data feature adds a layer of versatility to your packaging.
  8. The cycle of endless use: from festivals to medical applications, the cycle of endless use continues.

laminated IML

From cups to coffee capsules: a wide range of products can use IML packaging.


How can laminated IML solutions be used and which sectors can benefit from it?

  • Events and festivals: use disposable cups as a marketing tool to engage with customers at events, concerts, festivals, or similar gatherings. Designed to withstand rough handling in manufacturing and distribution settings, the cups maintain their glossy or matte appearance without getting scratched or damaged, preserving the overall quality and visual appeal of the packaging.
  • Beauty and homecare: enhance the aesthetic appeal effect of caps for bottles or jars. With IML you can choose different materials, such as polypropylene (PP) or a combination of PP and polyethylene (PE), and embellishments like glossy or matte finish to provide a luxurious feel to the product’s overall presentation.
  • Household products: IML brings durability and branding to everyday items, making them not just functional but also visually appealing. As a brand owner, it offers you the option to integrate seamlessly QR codes into IML designs enhancing customer experience.
  • Pet products: pet beds or boxes adorned with your branding, offering a unique touch to the pet-friendly market.
  • Medical: laminated IML ensures precision, quality, and resistance. It’s a scratch-free, and mono-material solution with no ink involved, eliminating the risk of cross-contamination.
  • Licensing marvels: licensing agreements with movies and entertainment giants can turn ordinary products into coveted collector’s items.

Why is in-mould labelling a great branding tool?

Reusable IMLIML is a canvas for your brand narrative. With IML your packaging turns your product into a product EXPERIENCE. It appeals to your customer’s emotions and becomes a cherished memory as your packaging can become a collectible or object used on a day-to-day basis.

The end result is much more than a label. The printing quality and precision achieved through IML are known to be the best-in-class within the labelling and packaging industry. In each application, IML transcends traditional branding, creating a tangible connection between the consumer and your brand, making every interaction memorable.

IML packaging seamlessly integrates into your customer’s daily routines. 



Why is in-mould labelling good for the environment?

Sustainability is now a business imperative. The data on plastic waste doesn’t lie. According to the OECD, more than 141 tonnes of packaging waste are annually produced worldwide. IML packaging addresses this issue by helping companies produce packaging that won’t automatically end up in landfills.

In traditional labelling, labels are often made from different materials than the packaging itself, which creates additional necessary recycling actions. IML removes this issue and ensures that the label is the same material as the packaging ensuring a smoother recycling process. For example, a paper label on a plastic bottle would require removal before recycling, as the different materials can disrupt or contaminate the recycling process. With IML, as it’s made from the same material as the packaging, there’s no need to remove the label, ensuring a smoother recycling process.

The reuse minimises the need for additional resources to create new packaging, contributing positively to the environment. And as you are well aware, eco-friendly practices are a strategic move that shapes positive customer experiences. By investing in packaging that goes beyond single-use, your product not only extends the shelf lifecycle but can become a part of your customers’ lives.









IML high-quality technology ensures your product resits the test of time. 


Ready to take your brand to the next level with laminated in-mould labelling?

At Vuye, a member of the Asteria Group, we take pride in housing a comprehensive array of printing options, enabling us to cater to various brand needs. Whether your requirements involve:

  • limited or extensive brand assets
  • variable codes strategically placed on your packaging
  • low or high volumes
  • precise color matching to your brand
  • complexities of managing multiple SKUs and intricate designs


How do we work?

We are more than labels; we are your holistic solution provider. Navigating the intricacies of IML is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor, and we understand the need for tailored solutions.

How? Our dedicated team goes the extra mile by offering technical support to ensure a flawless and processable label. With over two decades of experience in injection moulding, we bring a wealth of knowledge to the table in a complex process, ensuring we produce exactly what you need seamlessly without disruptions and with high speed.

Asteria’s experts are ready to help you leverage the best of innovation and technology to elevate your brand story and reach the minds and hearts of your customers. From Estonia to Spain, we have 50 years of experience and a network of 33+ plants across Europe to serve you locally with the best of our global know-how and best practices.

Reach out to us for more detailed guidance on how IML can bring a fresh look to your product, making a strategic shift toward sustainability. 


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