Barrier Foil

Barrier foils: guardians of freshness, flavor, and safety. A fusion of laminated layers crafting tailored solutions. The ultimate choice for modified atmosphere packaging, preserving ready-made meals with cutting-edge technology. Discover how layers converge to personalised packaging.

Product Details

  • Barrier foil packaging is a laminated film with two or three layers, each with specific properties. When combined, they create a tailor-made packaging solution.
  • Ideal for Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) to preserve perishable products.
  • Preserves food quality by preventing moisture ingress and maintaining the freshness, taste, and texture of ready-made meals like pasta, salads, pancakes, and more.
  • Exceptional protection with blocked oxygen transmission that hinders oxidation and E-beam curing for enhanced product safety and integrity, preventing harmful substance migration.

Did you know there is a possibility to use a recyclable material top seal?

This solution not only provides product protection but also promotes sustainability practices.

Embellishments for Barrier Foil

Gloss Lamination

A finishing technique that creates a shiny, reflective, and vibrant look after a layer of glossy film is applied on the surface of a material.



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