Product Details

  • Extensively used in logistics, e-commerce businesses, diverse markets, and general industry for efficient operations and seamless customisation.
  • Blank and partially preprinted labels are designed to be overprinted by the customer. During production, certain sections are intentionally left partially blank or with preprinted elements, for personalisation and overprinting.
  • Preprinted elements may include branding, logos, or other information, while blank areas can be used for variable data like product name, barcode, serial number, or expiration dates.
  • A cost-effective solution allows optimised processes as businesses can use the same label stock for multiple products or applications, reducing costs and improving inventory management.
  • A wide range of shapes, enhancements, and features are available to meet all your labeling requirements to boost your operational processes.

Calculate the impact of your labels and make the switch to a more sustainable choice. Comprehensive life cycle assessment for label evaluation as part of sustainable packaging design. Talk to one of our experts.

Embellishments for Blank Label

Cut out
Cut Out

A certain area of the packaging material is strategically removed or “cut out” to create a hole or opening to highlight specific features of the product for various purposes, such as creating a window, providing access to certain information, or allowing consumers to interact with the product without fully opening the package.



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