Product Details

  • A reliable solution for efficient and precise labelling needs to be neatly folded and aligned.
  • Fan folding labels are designed to be folded in a zigzag or accordion-like pattern, ensuring effortless dispensing and application.
  • This folding method not only saves space during storage and transportation but also facilitates easy dispensing for seamless usage.
  • The precision in alignment and consistent size of these labels contribute to enhanced accuracy in labeling applications as they prevent accidental misplacement or damage during the labelling process.
  • Commonly applied in various industries, including logistics, general industry, retail, and pharma.
Fan folding label

Did you know what's so special about fanfolding labels?

They can be perforated between each label to tear off more easily.

Embellishments for Fan Folding Label

Cold foil
Cold Foil

A technique that applies a metallic or decorative foil layer to a substrate without the need for heat. Unlike traditional hot foil stamping, cold foil relies on adhesive and UV curing technology. A layer of UV-curable adhesive is printed onto the substrate. The foil is fed into the printing press and pressed against the adhesive-coated areas. A UV light is used to instantly cure and adhere the foil to the adhesive. The unadhered foil is then removed, leaving behind the foil layer only.



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