Flow Wrap

Welcome to a world of efficiency. Flow wrapping is a secure packaging method, wrapping food products with precision. Versatile, budget-friendly, and dedicated to preserving quality and freshness. Explore all variations and customisation for optimised packaging.

Product Details

  • Flow wrapping is a reliable packaging process that involves creating a sealed package by wrapping a product with a flexible film, creating a secure tube-like enclosure sealed on three sides to form a pouch or packet.
  • It provides a secure package for a wide range of food products.
  • Highly adaptable to accommodate different product sizes or shapes.
  • A cost-effective solution, delivering efficient packaging without straining your budget.
  • Uncompromised protection with excellent sealing, safeguarding product freshness and quality.

Did you know there is a possibility to use a recyclable material top seal?

This solution not only provides product protection but also promotes sustainability practices.

Embellishments for Flow Wrap

Gloss Lamination

A finishing technique that creates a shiny, reflective, and vibrant look after a layer of glossy film is applied on the surface of a material.



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