Product Details

  • Elevate your brand identity and drive better customer engagement.
  • Customisation is a powerful tool to differentiate your business from the competition.
  • Stand out with unique designs, tailored dimensions, and prints.
  • Custom packaging is seen across personal care & beauty, retail & fashion, and food industries.
  • Folding Cartons are a more environmentally friendly packaging option.

Did you know our standard solutions have the Imprim’ Vert Certification, an important environmental recognition?

This certification aims to reduce the environmental impact of printing activities. By outlining precise criteria, it guides printers towards waste reduction, intelligent chemical management, energy conservation, and pollution prevention. The program fuels a movement towards sustainability, providing recognition for printers dedicated to minimizing their environmental footprint.

Embellishments for Folding Carton Custom

Closing System: Auto Lock or Tuck Style 

Choose different mechanisms to seal and secure packaging. Auto lock involves tabs or flaps on the packaging that automatically lock into place when the carton is folded, without the need for additional adhesive. It can also be stronger for products that are heavier. Tuck style involves tucking the flaps of the carton into designated slots or openings to secure the packaging. This method requires manual folding and tucking, ideal for products that need to be resealable or accessed multiple times.


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