Product Details

  • Sliding packaging offers exceptional protection with your items safe and secure inside. 
  • Tailor-made to match various product needs, dimensions, and designs across industries like personal care & beauty, retail & fashion. 
  • The unboxing experience eliminates the need for extra flaps or lids, making it a delightful experience for customers.
  • Use the ample space available to craft your brand messaging.
  • Sliding boxes are a more environmentally friendly packaging option.

🌱 Sustainable solution: choose for folding carton sliding as the sustainable alternative to the traditional use of metal, plastic or single use sachets.

Embellishments for Folding Carton Sliding

Closing System: Auto Lock or Tuck Style 

Choose different mechanisms to seal and secure packaging. Auto lock involves tabs or flaps on the packaging that automatically lock into place when the carton is folded, without the need for additional adhesive. It can also be stronger for products that are heavier. Tuck style involves tucking the flaps of the carton into designated slots or openings to secure the packaging. This method requires manual folding and tucking, ideal for products that need to be resealable or accessed multiple times.



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