Greaseproof Label

Elevate your label strategy with greaseproof labels, designed to conquer the toughest environments, from food packaging to industrial equipment. Find out the power of a clear, durable solution in labelling able to ensure information legibility for superior product presentation.

Product Details

  • Greaseproof labels are specially engineered to withstand exposure to grease and oil, making them suitable for food packaging, cosmetics, automotive parts, and industrial equipment.
  • Superior durability and resistance enable a longer lifespan compared to regular labels. They can endure prolonged exposure to grease and oil without deteriorating or losing their adhesive properties. This longevity reduces the need for frequent label replacements.
  • Designed to maintain integrity and legibility, ensuring information like product names, ingredients, or instructions remain clear and readable while regular labels can smudge or blur under similar conditions. 



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