Handle label

Handle labels are sturdy self-adhesive handles that help you lift conveniently boxes and packaging. A simplified package transport solution that also serves as a captivating branding canvas, all while prioritising safety and comfort.

Product Details

  • Handy handle labels offer help your customers to lift easily your product or box. Consumers benefit from easier package transport, especially with bulky or heavy items, reducing hand strain.
  • These labels provide a unique branding canvas, offering more space for captivating visuals to attract more potential customers and increase brand visibility during transportation, while also offering a functional feature.
  • The sturdy handle design prevents accidental drops or mishandling that could result in damage or injury.
  • They offer user-friendly transportation designed with ergonomics in mind with a comfortable and secure grip, minimising discomfort associated with carrying packages.
  • Whether it’s for consumer electronics, food products, or household goods, handle labels can enhance both the functionality and appeal of packaging solutions.



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