Loop lock labels

Loop lock labels redefine product identification in horticulture, logistics, food, and general industries. With robust lopped plastic strips, they endure tough conditions, optimise inventory, and promote sustainability. Explore all the benefits of this long-lasting solution.

Product Details

  • Loop lock labels (self-tie labels), offer a durable and long-lasting solution for product identification with a looped plastic strip securely attached to the product, ensuring reliable tagging.
  • Made from weather-resistant materials, allowing clear and visible identification, making them ideal for horticulture, logistics, food, and general industry applications.
  • They play a crucial role in inventory management and tracking, allowing easy reusability and reducing waste, as they require no adhesive or liner.

Did you know why a loop lock label is so practical?

They are characterised by especially uncomplicated handling: simply pull the loop through the strap and mark your products as you wish.

Embellishments for Loop lock labels

Cut out
Cut out

A certain area of the packaging material is strategically removed or “cut out” to create a hole or opening to highlight specific features of the product for various purposes, such as creating a window, providing access to certain information, or allowing consumers to interact with the product without fully opening the package.



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