Product Details

  • No label look labels offer a seamless and minimalistic appearance by blending perfectly with the packaging material, creating the illusion of no (visible) label.
  • Versatile application in beverages, personal care, food, healthcare, and home care industries.
  • Improve your product’s aesthetics with a clean and sophisticated packaging presentation, where the label’s contours are designed for an almost invisible appearance.
  • An economical alternative to direct printing or cut outs, while maintaining a high-quality and premium appearance.

Embellishments for No Label Look

Cold foil
Cold Foil

A technique that applies a metallic or decorative foil layer to a substrate without the need for heat. Unlike traditional hot foil stamping, cold foil relies on adhesive and UV curing technology. A layer of UV-curable adhesive is printed onto the substrate. The foil is fed into the printing press and pressed against the adhesive-coated areas. A UV light is used to instantly cure and adhere the foil to the adhesive. The unadhered foil is then removed, leaving behind the foil layer only.



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