Product Details

  • Elevate patient care and customer communication by providing comprehensive information in an organised and effective way.
  • The patient information leaflet displays extensive and valuable details for healthcare products and the pet care industry in a clear design.
  • Enhance customer experience using a structured layout for easy understanding.
  • Option to add educational content with valuable insights.
  • Privacy and discretion to ensure confidentiality and protection of sensitive information.
  • Multilingual accessibility to serve different audiences.

Did you know?

In the pharmaceutical industry, the choice of white cardboard isn’t just about aesthetics. It is about consumer confidence. A white cardboard carries a clean and clinical appearance that actively reassures consumers about product safety and quality, enhancing consumer confidence in the pharmaceutical products they choose.

Embellishments for PIL

Double Sided Print

Both sides of the carton showcase distinct designs or information. This technique not only enhances packaging design flexibility and creativity but also optimises carton space utilisation to the fullest.



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