Perforated shrink sleeves

Step into the future of packaging with shrink sleeves. These innovative heat-shrinkable plastic films revolutionise packaging, fitting a wide range of product shapes or sizes. Enhance branding with 360-degree coverage and a protective barrier.

Product Details

  • Perforated shrink sleeves exemplify the convergence of sustainability and innovation in packaging.
  • By addressing material efficiency, reducing carbon footprints, promoting recyclability, and engaging consumers in the sustainability narrative, these sleeves stand as a testament to the industry’s commitment to a greener future.
  • As businesses increasingly embrace their role in environmental stewardship, perforated shrink sleeves emerge as a tangible and impactful step towards more sustainable packaging practices.

🌱 Sustainable solution: we propose perforated shrink sleeves made from materials that are easily recyclable within the monostream recycling system.


Recyclable Shrink Sleeves

Embellishments for Perforated shrink sleeves

Gloss Lamination

A finishing technique that creates a shiny, reflective, and vibrant look after a layer of glossy film is applied on the surface of a material.



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