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  • Labels in the pharmaceutical industry serve a crucial role by conveying vital information about drugs and medical products, ensuring their safe and effective use. 
  • The printing of these labels is a unique process, encompassing several critical features that promote patient safety, accurate dosing, and effective medication tracking throughout the supply chain.
  • This intricate operation demands a deep understanding of the regulations and guidelines governing pharmaceutical production and distribution. Key areas of expertise include regulatory compliance, product information, label design, materials, printing methods, serialization, tracking, validation, and verification.
  • Our PS9000/2016 certification is our unwavering commitment to quality management, regulatory compliance, and patient safety. This globally respected standard is particularly beneficial for pharmaceutical companies operating in multiple countries, emphasizing our dedication to upholding the highest industry standards.
  • Labels available especially crafted for the pharma industry: booklet labels, ECL labels, and patient information (PIL).

Embellishments for Pharma Labels

Cold foil
Cold Foil

A technique that applies a metallic or decorative foil layer to a substrate without the need for heat. Unlike traditional hot foil stamping, cold foil relies on adhesive and UV curing technology. A layer of UV-curable adhesive is printed onto the substrate. The foil is fed into the printing press and pressed against the adhesive-coated areas. A UV light is used to instantly cure and adhere the foil to the adhesive. The unadhered foil is then removed, leaving behind the foil layer only.



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