Tamper evident labels

Unveil the power of tamper-evident labels, from seal labels ensuring food safety to void labels guarding electronics. Explore their versatility in providing visible tampering indicators across diverse industries to enhance your product integrity.

Product Details

  • Tamper-evident labels encompass various types, including seal labels, void labels, interactive labels, and more. 
  • They provide a visible indication if tampering has occurred, discouraging unauthorised access or interference.
  • Various materials and types of tamper-evident labels are available, making them suitable for diverse industries, from food to electronics.
  • Seal labels are commonly used in the food industry to ensure product integrity and safety, making them ideal tamper-evident solutions.
  • Void labels find applications in the electronics sector, revealing a “VOID” message, logo design, or text when removed, preventing unauthorised access.
  • These labels are versatile, safeguarding products and sensitive information, and maintaining security across various sectors.



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