Product Details

  • Thermal transfer labels are created using a thermal transfer printing process, where heat transfers ink from a ribbon to the label material.
  • Comprises three key components: a thermal transfer printer, a thermal transfer ribbon, and the label material.
  • The printer applies heat to the ribbon, melting the ink and transferring it onto the label material.
  • Offers durability and longevity, with increased resistance to fading, smudging, and abrasion.
  • Provides flexible printing options, allowing for text, barcodes, graphics, logos, and full-color images.
  • Widely used in industries like logistics, retail, general industry, and healthcare for versatile and long-lasting labeling needs.

Embellishments for Thermal Transfer Label

Cut out
Cut Out

A certain area of the packaging material is strategically removed or “cut out” to create a hole or opening to highlight specific features of the product for various purposes, such as creating a window, providing access to certain information, or allowing consumers to interact with the product without fully opening the package.



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