Top Seal

Top Seal is the perfect blend of security and innovation. This sealed solution ensures freshness for ready-made meals and more, with customised films for 100% food safety. Explore limitless possibilities and embellishments for this bespoke protective solution.

Product Details

  • Top seal effectively closes off the plastic container for secure packaging.
  • The hermetically sealed design ensures a tight and airtight closure, preserving product freshness and quality.
  • Ideal for fresh products, including ready-made meals, maintaining their taste and texture throughout storage and transportation.
  • Utilises a product-specific film that suits the specific requirements of the packaged items.
  • Top seal packaging guarantees 100% food safety, ensuring the perfect protection for fresh products

Embellishments for Top Seal

Gloss Lamination

A finishing technique that creates a shiny, reflective, and vibrant look after a layer of glossy film is applied on the surface of a material.



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