Product Details

  • Seamless adhesions, lasting impressions.
  • Made to stick, the wet glue label adheres seamlessly to various surfaces, such as glass, plastic, metal, and paper, ideal for different markets and applications.
  • Commonly employed in the cut and stack method for beverages, home care, food, and retail products.
  • Extremely flexible and suited to many products and pack formats.
  • Easily removed without leaving any residue in the recycling process, supporting reusability and recycling streams.
  • A cost-effective choice with minimal curling or deformation, contributing to the reduction of waste, as there is no liner to dispose of.
  • Flawless presentation of your product by maintaining a pristine appearance, ensuring your products look their best on the shelves.

Calculate the impact of your labels and make the switch to a more sustainable choice. Comprehensive life cycle assessment for label evaluation as part of sustainable packaging design. Talk to one of our experts.



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