We believe that sustainable printing doesn’t stop at materials. Our production processes are designed to minimise waste and energy consumption.


With cutting-edge technology, we optimise print runs, ensuring every page counts. Our energy-efficient machinery, combined with environmentally conscious inks, results in vibrant prints that are as green as they are eye-catching.

Our digital printing presses are CO2 neutral. Our presses are very energy efficient and we are committed to maximising the environmental benefits of digital printing.

Our modern machines greatly reduce waste production. In addition, our staff is trained and made aware of how to reduce waste. The raw material waste can in many cases be recycled, think of OPP. All other waste streams are shredded, compacted, and collected separately.

We have started a project for optimal and responsible water management. Using a water purification system, the rainwater is collected and buffered for use in production in a closed-loop system. The solvents are then collected after evaporation and distilled for reuse. The residual solvents are broken down by means of a biofilter installation.

An energy installation has been implemented to convert the heat released by the printing presses into reusable energy. This recovered energy is in turn used for internal ventilation and air conditioning.

As much as possible, we want to use alternative sources of energy such as solar power. For example, the installation of solar panels at one of our production sites accounts for more than 25% of its energy consumption. In addition, this results in an average CO2 reduction of 31 tonnes per year for that site only.

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