The printing and packaging industry does have an environmental impact. We are fully aware of that. However, although we don’t claim to be no part of the problem, we aim to be a part of the solution.

Already today, for 70% of our product range we can offer a sustainable alternative to the traditional product. And we aim to do better.

Welcome to our honest sustainability approach.

We think GREEN before we print

Sustainability isn’t a check box on our agenda, it is part of every facet of our business. From how we produce our products, to how we run our plants, to how we cherish the well-being of our employees, the sustainable approach demands a smarter way of working. That’s why our credo is: we think before we print.  

Every day, we focus on reducing our direct and indirect emissions. Our energy and water management is improving year after year and the waste we produce is reduced drastically by thinking before printing. We also make sure our waste doesn’t end up in a landfill.

1. Reduce

We are dedicated to reducing our environmental impact. 

By adopting new printing techniques and lean manufacturing principles, we minimise waste generation and optimise resource usage, lowering our carbon footprint significantly. Less energy and less raw materials make a big difference for our planet.

For example, we limit the use of virgin raw materials by using thinner paper.

2. Reuse

We prioritise designing durable and reusable label solutions. 

Our focus on reusability not only reduces waste but also aligns with consumer demands for eco-friendly options. We also encourage a circular economy by promoting systems that allow customers to return used packaging for refilling or repurposing. 

For example, our cold wash-off labels are easily removable to make reuse easy.

3. Recycled

Where possible, we use recycled materials in our products. 

We collaborate with recycling facilities to ensure that our packaging can be easily recycled. Through education and clear disposal instructions, we promote responsible recycling practices among our customers. 

For example, the silicone of our linerless labels can be recycled and reused to make paper … up to 7 times!

Be part of the solution: reuse and recycle at home

Packaging and sustainability, it is far from a black-and-white discussion. What would we be without packaging to keep our family safe, prevent food from perishing, and store valuable products? However, the use of packaging comes with a responsibility: to do our part in reusing and recycling at home.

Here are some simple tips and tricks that have a bigger impact than you might think!

Sustainability is our daily responsibility

We’re proud to showcase our pioneering approach to sustainability in the printing industry, built upon two solid pillars: materials and production. Every day we invest in both sustainability pillars.

Responsible Materials

Our commitment to the planet starts with the materials we use…

Responsible Production

We believe that sustainable printing doesn't stop at materials...