Digilinck is a digital printing company specialised in flat board printing and label printing. Their expertise lies in serving the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sector, but they also have customers in various other fields, enabling them to tailor their services to diverse production needs.

Digilinck takes pride in offering a wide array of high-quality finishes, including embossing, hot foil, different types of varnish, and variable data. With a commitment to timely delivery, they provide a lead time of 10 days after approval of the soft proof and an express service of 5 days or less.

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Founded in 2011, Digilinck is an innovative printing company exclusively dedicated to digital printing, setting trends across Europe. Digilinck is known for its unwavering focus on customer service, exceptional responsiveness, top-notch quality, and remarkably short delivery times.

We also offer a wide range of sustainable alternatives for our top selling products. If you are concerned about your and your customers ecological footprint, then it’s definitely worth checking Asteria Sustainable Solutions.

Koen Lauwers Digilinck

At Digilinck, we go beyond just printing; our unwavering commitment to excellence guarantees top-notch quality and lightning-fast delivery times, making a remarkable impact on every project.

Koen Lauwers

(Managing Director, Digilinck)

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